Monday, January 16, 2012

Stand Your Ground Law Applies to Incidents of Road Rage

            On November 21, 2010 Watson Adelson was stabbed in the head during a confrontation with Alcisviades Polcano. The incident began when Polcano cut off Adelson in traffic. Adelson responded by speeding up and stopping his vehicle to confront Polcano. At some point during the altercation Polcano grabbed an ice pick from his car and stabbed Adelson in the head.  Adelson later died from his injuries at St. Joseph’s hospital.

            Yesterday it was announced that the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office will not file any charges against Polcano because there is not enough evidence to refut Polcano’s claim of self defense. Polcano will avoid criminal prosecution and be immune from any civil liability if Adelson’s family decided to file a wrongful death law suit.

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